Best Resorts In Tampa Florida

Popular Beach Resorts In Tampa Florida

Close to your Tampa beachfront resort of choice, you will experience everything which makes Florida one of those attractive vacations that is combined into one location. The region known as Tampa Bay is home to a few of the top-rated beaches in the world, and the city hosts a variety of fine-dining options and a thriving art-scene. The Tampa Bay weather offers 361-days of glorious sunshine in a year, which makes this destination a year-round destination for vacations. Here are 3 popular choices for beach resorts in Tampa Florida.

1. The Safety Harbor Resort And Spa

Located over 22-acres of the Tampa Bay coastline, this resort is situated across the bay from the downtown region of Tampa. This resort was constructed over a natural mineral-spring that is more than 2,000 years old, and offers spa treatments, watercoolers and 3 pools that use the water from this spring. The rooms in the resort which underwent a full renovation in 2006, offer neutral and soft tones which provide a way for the stunning turquoise waters from the ocean to really stand out.

2. Sailport Resort

The Sailport Resort which is located on Rocky Point Island offers guests with a clear view across Tampa Bay. The guests at this resort are offered with the opportunity to swim in either the bay or the swimming pool at the resort. The features like the horseshoe and tetherball equipment, stunning beaches, outdoor grills and fishing pier will ensure that you spend most of your time outdoors enjoying the warm sunshine which has contributed to the popularity of Tampa Bay.

3. Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort

This resort has received the award of 3 diamonds from the AAA and is under 25 miles from the middle of Tampa. Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort spans over 10-acres of white sandy beaches and the guests are offered with private-access to the Gulf of Mexico. All the rooms in the resort offer their own balconies along with in-room amenities such as cotton bathrobes, flat-screen TVs and mini-refrigerators. If you are on vacation with your kids, be sure to check on the day camps that are packed with children’s activities. This opportunity allows parents to relax and lounge around the beachfront swimming pool or enjoy a drink from the Tiki Hut Beach-Side Bar. Other entertaining on-site amenities include a playground, bicycle and jet ski rentals, a fitness-center and table-tennis facilities.

How To Find A Hotel In Tampa

If you are going to be traveling to Tampa and you need a hotel, you are going to have to do some research so you can find the best price on your hotel and also find a hotel that you want to actually stay in. You have to choose carefully or you could end up staying in a hotel that doesn’t meet your needs.

Tampa is a big city and there are lots of different hotel options to choose from. You have to decide if you want to stay in a budget hotel or a luxury hotel. If you can afford the price, staying in a luxury hotel is going to be your best option because luxury hotels are much nicer spaces to spend time in.

When you choose a luxury hotel you are going to be in the best part of Tampa and the hotels have all the best features. You can enjoy a good restaurant and bar and the hotels have lots of special amenities like gyms and spas. You will enjoy a larger room that has better furnishings if you stay in a luxury hotel in Tampa.

If you are looking for a budget hotel you are going to want to do a lot of research. You need to get online and read reviews and you also want to look at pictures of the rooms online though the pictures are not always going to tell you everything you need to know. There are lots of different travel sites that you can use to save money on your hotel and these sites can be very useful when you are looking for an affordable hotel to stay in.

You get to type in what your budget is going to be and you can also choose the type of room and location you are interested in. You can use the site to compare prices and it will find you the lowest price so you can book your room. These sites are very useful and they help you find affordable hotels that you are going to want to stay in.

When you travel to Tampa, look for a hotel that you can afford and that is going to work with your plans. Start your search early so you can find a hotel that fits your price range and that is going to be in the right part of Tampa.


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